Podstawy Saint Seiya

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Podstawy Saint Seiya

Post by BadPicollo on Sun Sep 01, 2013 11:49 am

★ Lvl Up - Wciśnij zielony przycisk (potrzebujemy 100% exp i 100% powera)

★ Aby znaleźć misje wcisnij L

★ Jak zdobyć itemy do ulepszenia bizuterii.

- This one Give Exp.

★ Item Upgrade:

Znajdz NPC :

Step 2 :

More : http://seiya.forumotion.com/t110-upgrade-your-items-like-a-boss?highlight=upgrade

Dodatkowe ulepszenie na 7 dni.
Znajdz NPC

★ Ulepszenie Zbroi :

More : http://seiya.forumotion.com/t33-simple-guide-about-trading-system-cloth-upgrade?highlight=upgrade

★ Party,Trade,Scan ( Kliknij na gracza)

★ Dodaj przyjaciela :
Wciśnij U dodaj nazwę przyjaciela i naciśnij + (nasz przyjaciel musi być online aby zaakceptować)

★ Jak zdobyć nową zbroje z brązu :
potrzebujesz x15 "desek"

Znajdz NPC

Now you need select Armor

in page 2 you can buy more strong armor but need x60 items
When you buy Armor you can get quest need make it.

My new vs old

★ Lvl 19 Can't up To 20 ?
You need Up your skill lvl
This is just an example

You need get minimum 100% Power lvl

★ How to join event/dungeon (from dungeons you can get better equip and items)
For join dungeon press O ,tick the box and wait.
How to join ? example.

★ Spirit stone , bagde , and bracelet Upgrade

★ Check Yor Cosmo

Passive bufs : http://seiya.forumotion.com/t245-passive-buffs
Mount : http://seiya.forumotion.com/t36p30-noob-questions
Fix Patch problems : http://seiya.forumotion.com/t98-fix-patch-problems?highlight=patch
Item Effects : http://seiya.forumotion.com/t171-item-effects

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